Why buy it if you can build it.


It’s custom, it’s probebly fast and it’s most definitely rock n roll. It is time to go back to real craftsmanship and get your hands dirty. Time to start building something instead of buying some piece of shit plastic on the internet. Let’s get into it, and find your passion and craftsmanship. From building a chair to shaping your own surfboard. From sewing your own clothes to build your own motorcycle. From editing your first movie and tell your story or to go on your first real adventure and be completely lost in nature. As long as you start creating and put your heart and soul into that kickass project.

This is DAROCX and this is where DAROCX stands for. Go Create!

Nick Korringa


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Recent Project’s:

What’s Your TreeHouse Gonna Be?

A shortfilm with a message.

The Scrambler

“A short film about handcrafting a custom motorcycle and the connection you make by working with your hands.